Amaco TH-1 Texturizer Cone 5-6 (16 oz.)
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High Fire (Cone 5-6) Glazes > TH-1 High Fire (Cone 5-6) Texturizer

TH-1 is LEAD FREE and Non Toxic.

Superposition (overlaying of glazing) is a very common practice among potters and is done either by brushing one glaze over another on a portion of the ceramic piece or by partial dipping. When superposition is done on part of a ceramic piece, the rest of the piece is left exposed. This produces variations in color, texture and depth which simulates reduction glazes in an electric kiln, while retaining a clean atmosphere and without the trouble of reducing or reaching Cone 10 temperatures.

TH-1 is a rutile base texturizer. In superposition with other glazes it tends to produce a yellowish/orange crystal-type texture. It will yield excellent results with most AMACO® HF Series glazes when applied over or under the glazes. As results vary from glaze to glaze, be sure to fire a test sample first.

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Amaco TH-1 Texturizer Cone 5-6 (16 oz.)

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