Mar-Lyn Ceramics

Products Offered

Duncan: Full line of Colors and Bisque

Mayco: Full line of Colors, Bisque, and Molds

Coyote: Full line of Colors

Doc Holliday: Non Fired Colors

Kimple: Non Fired Stains

Amaco: most colors, potter's wheels, slab rollers

Skutt: Potter's Wheels, Kilns, parts and accessories

Paragon: Kilns, parts and accessories

Glass Supplies: COE 96 Fusing glass, frit, noodles, stringers, rods,   sagger molds, glass fired colors

Slip: Ceramic Slip by Mackie, and Stoneware Slip from Standard and Velvet (pick up only)

Clay: Standard Clay, High fire and Low fire (pick up only)

Brushes: Wide selection of brushes

Greenware and Bisque: Large selection year round

Kemper Tools

Molds: Large selection in stock.  Order from Clay Magic, Creative Paradise, Magnolia, Starlite (including: Scioto, Duncan, Alberta, Dona's, Doc Holliday), Macky (including: Boothe, Arnel, Atlantic, some Holland, some TL Designs)

Miscellaneous: Mold straps and bands, clay stamps and rollers, clay/pottery tools, craft lighting kits, decals, sponges, kiln furniture; stilts, posts, accessories.



Mar-Lyn Ceramics is a family owned and operated business that opened for business in the fall of 1971. After Martha Hood and her daughter Lynne took a ceramics class, they decided to open a small shop on the back porch of their house.  The shop soon outgrew that location and was moved in 1977 into the old coca-cola bottling building, our current location, at 307 W Main Street.  Martha was joined by her husband, Emmett, after he retired from the USDA.  After college and working away for a while, Lynne returned to work at the shop in 1980.  Daughter, Marcie, also worked several years in the 80's-90's before retiring. 

Upon Martha and Emmett's retirement from ceramics around 1998, Lynne's husband David came to work at the ceramic shop.  Now, their children, Travis and Tyler also work part time.  Long time employee Amy Williams also works at Mar-Lyn.